What do they say about me?

I have asked every players that decided to help a simple question: "why did you decide to help me giving the shirt of your national team or at least contribute to my project of 209 shirts of FIFA? "
You will find listed here their replies (all translated in english)!

Tyrone Pandy (Belize) : "I've decided to give you being the kind hearted person I am,also to contribute to your project and for the world to know about my tiny nation Belize".

Oscar Nero (Saint Vincent & Grenadines) : "Well wasn't it for a cause, it's like you were promoting my country so when you asked wasn't no hesitation. Small country with a lot of talent, just needs to be recognized".

Cliff Valcin (Saint Lucia) : "Because it felt like the right thing to do".

Ibraima So (Guinea Bissau) : "I decided to accept your request because it's my way, it is interesting its purpose, and it is advertising my country"

Eloy Matos (Puerto Rico) : "To continue to carry our flag in all countries and publicize that here also we are playing football".

Djiman Koukou (Benin) : "It's just a pleasure for me to promote my country and make new friend for my own. So I am very pleased".

Dan Westphal (Northern Mariana Islands) : "When our small island can have a little international recognition it's an honorary thing to contribute to a collection that shows our team colors to the rest of the world. The Blue Ayuyu will continue to fight in the AFC until we become a FIFA member!".

Kristoff Wood (Bahamas) : "I personally helped because it seemed to be for a good cause and I felt like I was helping someone fulfill a dream of there's".

Ramon Sanchez (El Salvador) : "I decided to help because I found it interesting that someone from another country was interested in the shirt of my country El Salvador, and contributing to this project hope to have helped. I am glad that my shirt is in the collection of FIFA shirts".

Bruno Fernandes (Guinea Bissau) : "I gave you the shirt because it seemed the right and polite thing to do in response to your request".

Mohamad Kdouh (Lebanon) : "Because if i will be in your place preparing some project I would like to get the help which I need from the people and helping others is always good".

Ryan Guy (Guam) : "The reason I decided to help you was simply your interest and the idea of what you are doing. Bot many people have ever heard of Guam and even fewer have gone through the trouble to seek out a jersey from the National Team. The idea of seeing every national jersey together is exciting, but the stories behind procuring every shirt are what makes the project even more incredible. I'm excited for you to complete this project. Hopefully, you can write a book about your journey as well!".

Tity Fidjeu (Equatorial Guinea) : "Because I did see in your message that you was sympathique guy and I like to help persons Who have personnel project like you".

Jose Monteiro (Guinea Bissau) : "I did it because it was a nice project you got, and help people that have dreams and visions. You seem to be a great guy, and I love people that maby inspires other people to do good thing in the world".

Andrew Mwesigwa (Uganda) : "Because you are my fan".

Carlitos Soares (Cape Verde) : "Because I saw the jersey of my country would be a more valid for your project and always nice to see the recognition of Cape Verde".

Biraj Maharjan (Nepal) : "Cause I like your project, not only me so many people are helping you for your work. It's not easy to do this. I also want to represent my country flag on your project so that I want people get knowledge about my country and know my country's flag. In simple word I love my country and want to represent it".

Jose Luis Rondo (Equatorial Guinea) : "Because football gave me a lot in my life and I saw a beautiful project you're doing and decided to help my two cents".

Branimir Subasic (Azerbaijan) : "I saw that you are honest and ok person...why don't help you?!".

Yosief Tesfazghi (Eritrea) : "It's for two things: one just for respect, second I want to see our shirt next to other countries".

Mantas Kuklys (Lithuania) : "I decided to give because your project look very nice and difficult so I want to help to reach your dreams!!!".

Emmanuel Noruega (Macau) : "I feel that there are people that have an ambition and love to collect certain items. Me as a football player n coach I would also love to do this in collecting as many jerseys as possible from the whole world. It's a great accomplishment. I gave you my Jersey so that your dreams come true and that it can be shown that football talks to millions of people around the world without even knowing the person. Football is family and friendship."

Birkir Mar Saevarsson (Iceland) : "I've always thought that football should never be connected to politics or religion but just be something that brings people together. And i thing this exibition is a great way to show that".

Tumaini Ntamuhanga (Rwanda): "The reason why i do that is because you interest me in your project and I did not see any inconvinience".

Vladislavs Gabovs (Latvia) : " I just like helping if I can help, and it is good to be a part of your project".

Lanfia Camara (Guinea) : "Simply you are a great man, for that I just try to accommodate you".

Ahakim Daher Aden (Djibouti) : "Honestly you're the first person who asked me the jersey of my country and has been an honor to serve you".

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