mercoledì 7 ottobre 2015

Palestine (2)


Another shirt with a great story behind it.
The shirt comes straight from Palestine, with the help of Marouf Shatara, member of the Palestinian Football Association. After getting it, Marouf gave it at the end of a league game to the Italian coach of Al Ahli Hebron, Stefano Cusin. Stefano works in Palestine but lives in Arezzo, in Tuscany. During the summer he brought the shirt in Italy, and in Arezzo has been taken over by a friend of mine living in the city. Along with the shirt Marouf also gave me a book: "One hundred years of football in Palestine", written by Issam Khalidi, who tells the complete story of football in Palestine.
A heartfelt and sincere thank goes both to Marouf and Stefano: people can still work together and there is still a bit of hope for the world!

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