martedì 16 ottobre 2018

Tutte le maglie del mondo - 01/07/18 - 31/07/18

Sorry for being late, but it was a busy summer. From 1st July to 31th July, I had my first exhibition including all the "famous" 211 FIFA teams shirts!
It was an amazing event, started many months before and that needed an huge job (and I even went live on national TV!). Thanks to the newspaper "Il Tirreno", expecially Fabrizio Brancoli, and the city administration of Pontedera and Peccioli, who joined it.
And to the architect Luca Doveri and his assistant Nathan Petrone, which has concretely realized the idea of the exhibition.
I met a lot of visitors, famous and not, who did a tour of the rooms of the Palazzo Pretorio. Federico Buffa, Carolina Morace, Alessandro Birindelli, the refugees of the Red Cross of Pisa, and many others I met along the way.
You could see some pics here below!

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